Individual, Group and Family Therapy

Behavioral Therapy Services help clients to understand how to counsel themselves rationally; through this approach clients can have the confidence to do well and change the necessary behaviors that may be preventing them from experiencing mental well-being.

Employment Counseling

Behavioral Therapy Services offers employment counseling for individuals that may need help in resume writing, Curriculum Vitae (CV) cover letters, employment decisions, interviewing tips, job searches, and employment and workplace stress.

Christian Counseling

Spiritual beliefs play a significant role in the ability to cope with adverse events in life. Christian counseling at Behavioral Therapy Services provides biblical support using Gods word and His truths-helping individuals during difficult times.

Healing Trauma for women

Healing Trauma is an evidenced-based, gender-responsive, six session program for women.

“Approximately one half of all individuals will be exposed to at least one traumatic event in their lifetime.”

Session 1: Welcome and Introduction to the Subject of Trauma Session 2: Power and Abuse Session 3: The Process of Trauma and Self-Care Session 4: The ACE Questionnaire and Anger Session 5: Healthy Relationships Session 6: Love, Endings, and Certificates

Author: Stephanie S. Covington, PhD

Offender Therapy

Behavioral Therapy Services offers therapy to ex-offenders and their families that maybe struggling and in need of support and direction to get their life back on track.

Women’s Biblical Studies

Behavioral Therapy Services offers women’s biblical study groups-bringing women together for fellowship and allowing individuals to grow closer to God. These studies help women identify and use their spiritual gift, improve life skills, including healthy living while also building friendships that will allow them to share and support each other. These weekly sessions will include video chat session and an easy access e-learning bible study to help encourage women to change their lifestyles and live according to Gods word.

E-learning and weekly chat sessions online. All participants are responsible for their own material

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