Behavioral Therapy Services is an Affiliate Partner with ETTCH- Here at Behavioral Therapy Services we strive to help individuals with mental and emotional needs while “Changing Lives”

“At ETTCH we’re on a mission to help build confident, resilient, and happy children so we can reduce the number of teenagers and adults experiencing mental health issues.”

ETTCH provides The ETTCH Box

The ETTCH box is packed full of encouraging items to help children manage their emotions, realise their own self-worth, and feel like they are good enough just as they are.

Each box includes:

  • ●  Handwritten hug letter
  • ●  Happy and worry boxes
  • ●  ‘I am enough’ badge
  • ●  Therapeutic colouring book
  • ●  Notebook
  • ●  Sticker
  • ●  Worry friend
  • ●  Self affirmation card
  • ●  Worksheet
  • All of the items in the box are designed to encourage and build self-esteem in young people.

Let’s build something together.

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